Have you received a collection letter in the mail and would like to make a payment?

Medical Billing

UFS is equipped to handle complicated medical billing processes, allowing your business to concentrate on what’s important - your patients. As your medical billing partner, UFS helps to implement best practices for patient intake, claims management, payment posting, cash handling, and more. Our billing department operates as an extension of your business office to improve your cash flow by making pre-collection calls. Your customers will appreciate the one-on-one customer service approach that UFS offers.


Universal Financial Systems provides doctor credentialing services for all specialties.  Our services include provider enrollment and primary source verification, as well as credentialing for allied, alternative, and complementary practitioners.  We assist with enrollment with all insurance networks including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances.

Healthcare Collections

UFS is equipped to handle Medical debt, which requires different handling procedures than other types of delinquent debt. Our collectors are fully versed in understanding medical debt and are able to explain EOB's, co-pays, and deductibles to patients. UFS works with patients and insurance companies to collect on your unpaid debts! Our compassionate approach to collections has proven results and cannot be matched.

Judgments & Liens

UFS employs a team of Judgment Recovery Specialists and attorneys who concentrate their efforts on litigation and judgment collection. Our pre-litigation team investigates employment and identifies assets, while our legal professionals focus on wage garnishments, bank levies, and more. If you own an uncollected judgment, UFS can help you collect.

Consumer & Commercial Collections

Consumer and Commercial 3rd party debt collection requires knowledge of specific laws, regulations and unique file-handling requirements. UFS collectors assigned to handle this specific type of debt are trained and experienced. As tenured professionals in this specific area of debt recovery, our collectors comply with the FDCPA and all other governing regulations, both State and Federal.


UFS’ accounting team helps with bookkeeping, bill payment, budgeting & forecasting, invoicing, AR management, cash flow, debt reduction strategies, custom reporting, and general best practices. Our team of accountants can help your company take control of your vendors, customers and general accounting.

General Business Consulting

Dealing with complex business issues isn’t easy. As your company grows, so will the issues you and your management team will face. Our experts have decades of experience managing and consulting start-ups to large, established corporate brands. Our experts can help with finance, management, IT, marketing, strategy, and more.


UFS services both local and national markets

Universal Financial Systems is a financial services company that specializes in medical billing and collections.  Our experience includes:
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Coding, Billing & Credentialing
  • Healthcare, Consumer, and Commercial Collections
  • Litigation and Judgment Collections
  • General Consulting and more!
UFS is located in Southern California with our corporate offices in Chino HIlls, CA.  We are proud to note that we employee California and do not outsource overseas.  Our Medical Billing and Collections staff is a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, ensuring the efficient billing and collection of your healthcare claims and past due debts.  All of our medical billers are also trained coders, and our healthcare collectors are trained to understand and explain medical debt. You can employ the services of Universal Financial Systems with very little risk. Our Medical Billing and Collection models are based on performance and our ability to collect for you. You will find both our medical billing and collection rates to be highly competitive and you will also benefit from a variety of included value-added services.

Contact Info

  • General: 800-837-5456
  • Billing:    800-509-5928
  • General Fax: 877-240-7010
  • Billing Fax:    909-664-2313
  • PO Box 2439, Chino Hills, CA 91709
  • info@ufsworks.com
  • www.ufsworks.com

Have questions about general collections? Maybe the topics below can help!

How will a collection agency improve my bottom line?

Agencies typically generate better collection results because they are focused solely on collections, without other competing distractions of business operations. The mere thought of contact by a collection agency will often motivate debtors to pay. Also, a collection agency has a vast array of tools and resources not otherwise available to most creditors.

How does an agency collect those accounts otherwise uncollectible?

Agencies have the ability to locate debtors who have moved or changed their phone numbers. They do this through a process called skip tracing, utilizing a variety of data gathering software. Once the debtor has been located, the agency has other resources available to motivate them to pay, including demand letters, reports to credit bureaus, and litigation if necessary.

How will collections affect the relationship with my customer/client?

While no debtor is happy about being referred to collections, the agency serves as a buffer for the creditor during the collection process, thus helping to preserve the relationship between the creditor and client. Additionally, the diplomatic approach employed by UFS will also make the best of circumstances.

When should an account be referred to a collection agency?

Each business may have their own unique criteria. Generally, as an account ages, its cost of collection and risk of un-collectability increase. This cost/benefit relationship must be carefully managed. The bottom line, the sooner it's referred, the greater the chances of being collected.


UFS is proud to be a member and partner of the following organizations:

UFS has been an active and preferred vendor for the OCMA since 2014. OCMA members enjoy a free Accounts Receivables assessment as well as bundled savings when combining medical billing & collections.


Orange County Medical Association
UFS has been providing its services to RMCA members since 2015. RCMA members enjoy bundled pricing when combining medical billing and collections.


Riverside County Medical Association
UFS has been an active member of the MGMA since 2013.


Medical Group Management Association
UFS considers ACA a priceless resource for the collections industry and has been an avid member and supporter for over 4 years.

ACA Intl

Association of Credit & Collection Professionals
A member since 2013, UFS supports the collection industry in California.


California Association of Collectors

If you are interested in our services or have questions about your debt, please contact us!