Have you received a collection letter in the mail and would like to make a payment?

Commercial Collections

UFS Commercial Collection division specializes in the recovery of past due commercial debts for all industries, helping companies reduce their AR and increase their cash flow.

Referring this bad debt to Universal Financial Systems is completely risk-free.  If we don’t collect, you don’t pay, allowing you to refer freely with no minimums or fees.

Consumer Collections

Consumer 3rd party debt collection requires knowledge of specific laws, regulations and unique file-handling requirements. UFS collectors assigned to handle this specific type of debt are trained and experienced. As tenured professionals in this specific area of debt recovery, our collectors comply with the FDCPA and all other governing regulations, both State and Federal.

Healthcare Collections

UFS is equipped to handle Medical debt, which requires different handling procedures than other types of delinquent debt. Our collectors are fully versed in understanding medical debt and are able to explain EOB’s, co-pays, and deductibles to patients. UFS works with patients and insurance companies to collect on your unpaid debts! Our compassionate approach to collections has proven results and cannot be matched.

Litigation & Judgments

UFS employs a team of Judgment Recovery Specialists and attorneys who concentrate their efforts on litigation and judgment collection. Our pre-litigation team investigates employment and identifies assets, while our legal professionals focus on wage garnishments, bank levies, and more. If you own an uncollected judgment, UFS can help you collect.

Medical Billing

UFS is equipped to handle complicated medical billing processes, allowing your business to concentrate on what’s important – your patients. As your medical billing partner, UFS helps to implement best practices for patient intake, claims management, payment posting, cash handling, and more. Our billing department operates as an extension of your business office to improve your cash flow by making pre-collection calls. Your customers will appreciate the one-on-one customer service approach that UFS offers.


Universal Financial Systems provides doctor credentialing services for all specialties.  Our services include provider enrollment and primary source verification, as well as credentialing for allied, alternative, and complementary practitioners.  We assist with enrollment with all insurance networks including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances.

Provider Compensation Modeling

The most advanced practices are moving to provider compensation models based on a combination of performance, receipts, RVU’s, industry benchmarks, and other performance-based metrics.  Our experts can train your practice on how to implement a compensation model that will be mutually beneficial and surely attract more providers.

Billing & Coding Audit

If your practice is not currently auditing its billing & coding, whether your practice performs its billing in-house or has its billing out-sourced, you may be over-coding, under-coding, losing potential revenue or out of compliance.  UFS provides various levels of billing & coding audit to fit your needs and give you peace of mind.

General Business Consulting

Dealing with complex business issues isn’t easy. As your company grows, so will the issues you and your management team will face. Our experts have decades of experience managing and consulting start-ups to large, established corporate brands. Our experts can help with finance, management, IT, marketing, strategy, and more.


UFS’ accounting team helps with bookkeeping, bill payment, budgeting & forecasting, invoicing, AR management, cash flow, debt reduction strategies, custom reporting, and general best practices. Our team of accountants can help your company take control of your vendors, customers and general accounting.

SNF & LTC Billing

Is your team able to keep up with the high demands of Medicare, Medicaid and HMO SNF Billing?  Is your AR under control?  Are you writing off more than 1% of your AR each year?  UFS  has decades of experience in SNF & LTC billing and can help your practice get back on track!


Universal Financial Systems is a financial services company that specializes in medical billing and collections.  Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Coding, Billing & Credentialing
  • Healthcare, Consumer, and Commercial Collections
  • Litigation and Judgment Collections
  • General Consulting and more!

UFS is located in Southern California with our corporate offices in Chino HIlls, CA.  We are proud to note that we employee California and do not outsource overseas.  Our Medical Billing and Collections staff is a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, ensuring the efficient billing and collection of your healthcare claims and past due debts.  All of our medical billers are also trained coders, and our healthcare collectors are trained to understand and explain medical debt. You can employ the services of Universal Financial Systems with very little risk. Our Medical Billing and Collection models are based on performance and our ability to collect for you. You will find both our medical billing and collection rates to be highly competitive and you will also benefit from a variety of included value-added services.

Contact Info

  • General: 800-837-5456 / 909-217-7190
  • Billing:    800-509-5928
  • General Fax: 877-240-7010
  • Billing Fax:    909-664-2313
  • PO Box 2439, Chino Hills, CA 91709
  • info@ufsworks.com
  • www.ufsworks.com
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UFS is proud to be a member and partner with the following organizations:

California Association of Collectors

A member since 2013, UFS supports the collection industry in California

Association of Credit & Collection Professionals

UFS considers ACA a priceless resource for the collections industry and has been an avid member and supporter for over 4 years.

Medical Group Management Association

UFS has been an active member of the MGMA since 2013.


Riverside County Medical Association

UFS has been providing its services to RMCA members since 2015. RCMA members enjoy bundled pricing when combining medical billing and collections.

Orange County Medical Association

UFS has been an active and preferred vendor for the OCMA since 2014.  OCMA members enjoy a free Accounts Receivables assessment to understand their billing performance, as well as bundled savings when combining medical billing & collections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical Billing & Coding is a very complex process that requires efficiency, redundancy, and close monitoring.  Some practices would rather concentrate their efforts on seeing and managing patients than negotiating with insurance companies.


How do I know if my billing needs help?

The most obvious sign that you need help with your billing system is when the bank account level drops.  By the time this happens, it may be too late to recover without bringing in a professional team to correct it.

Whether your billing is in-house or outsourced, there are a number of reports that are fundamental to understanding the health of your billing system:

  • Net Collections Performance:  This measures how effective the billing team is at collecting revenue.  For every dollar that is collectable after adjustments, how much is collected?
  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO):  This metric measures how quickly your practice is paid on its services.
  • Aging Summary:  What does your aging look like?  Do you know what to compare it against?


Can I have a free billing analysis performed on my billing team?

Universal Financial Systems offers a free billing analysis for all practices.  We compare your results against MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) benchmarks,  allowing you to know where your billing system stands.


Why does it matter that UFS does not outsource overseas?

When it comes to Medical Billing, you get what you pay for.  Medical billing is the most important aspect of your practice, second only to the Doctors and their ability to see and treat patients.

Outsourcing overseas saves billing companies money, which translates into lower fees for the practice.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  While the practice saves initially due to lower fees, they quickly begin to suffer from inefficient follow-up on claims, increased AR, and the practice ultimately pays more due to lost revenue.


What does UFS charge for outsourced billing?

UFS’s fees are based on a percentage of your receipts, which encourages us to be as efficient as possible with billing processes.  UFS does not get paid unless the practice gets paid.  There are several factors that affect the billing rate, including specialty type, complexity of billing and coding, efficiency of the current systems in place, number of claims processed daily, and receipts to name a few.  Please contact UFS for more information


Help! My billing system is on fire!  What do I do?

Nobody changes billing systems when everything is running smoothly.  UFS typically takes on billing systems when they are in turmoil.

UFS takes a proprietary “triage approach” to help stop the bleeding and a keep the practice for losing any more money.

While it typically takes roughly 30 days to on-board a practice, UFS has been able to bring on practices in as little as 1 week.

How will a collection agency improve my bottom line?

Agencies typically generate better collection results because they are focused solely on collections, without other competing distractions of business operations. The mere thought of contact by a collection agency will often motivate debtors to pay. Also, a collection agency has a vast array of tools and resources not otherwise available to most creditors.


How collectible is my debt?

There are many factors that influence the ability to collect on debt.  Here are a few:

  • Age of the debt:  The ability to collect on debt diminishes by 10% per month.  The sooner a past due balance is referred, the greater the chances of recovery
  • Amount of Debt:  Larger debt balances are inherently harder to collect than smaller balances
  • Demographics:  Your debtor and location demographics play a large role on whether reporting on credit is effective or not.


How does an agency collect those accounts otherwise uncollectible?

Agencies have the ability to locate debtors who have moved or changed their phone numbers. They do this through a process called skip tracing, utilizing a variety of data gathering software. Once the debtor has been located, the agency has other resources available to motivate them to pay, including demand letters, reports to credit bureaus, and litigation if necessary.


How will collections affect the relationship with my customer/client?

While no debtor is happy about being referred to collections, the agency serves as a buffer for the creditor during the collection process, thus helping to preserve the relationship between the creditor and client. Additionally, UFS takes a compassionate approach to collections, allowing us to make the best of the circumstances.

How does UFS handle litigation?

UFS utilizes a team of in-house professionals and attorneys to handle litigation and post-judgment actions.  Our legal collection and litigation efforts include:

  • Pre-litigation letter campaigns & last-chance calls
  • Account analysis for litigation qualification
  • Full reporting of asset findings

UFS employees a team of Judgment Recovery Specialists who concentrate their efforts on judgment collection.  Through our comprehensive skiptracing process, UFS evaluates:

  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Commercial Holdings
  • Wage & Salary Garnishments
  • Bank Account Levies
  • Asset Investigations
  • Intellectual Property


Is my Judgment collectible?

Unfortunately 70% of judgments go uncollected, not because they are not collectible, but because most judgment owners do not have the means to collect on a judgment.

UFS has the tools necessary to perform a FREE assessment of your judgment and let you know if it’s collectible.


How long is my judgment good for?

Judgments are valid for 10 years and can be renewed for an additional 10 years!  Best of all, judgments accrue interest at 10% per annum.


Will you buy my judgment?

Contact a UFS representative for details.