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Why is DME/HME Billing Different?

Both Durable Medical Equipment and Home Medical Equipment billing requires an extensive knowledge of DME/HME codes and processes for both products an supplies, as well as modifiers, billing procedures, and payer preferences.

The reason this type of billing can be complicated:

  1. Payers – Payers such as Medicare prefer different codes than commercial payers.
  2. Units – Depending on plans and products, some payers expect you to bill 1 unit, while other require you to bill 30 units
  3. Billing Sequence– Some payers want it billed as a purchase, others want you billing over a 10-month time span.
  4. Supplies – Some supplies can be billed monthly, others every few months, etc.
  5. Authorizations – Know which payers and products need auths and when they expire!

Having the right DME/HME billing team by your side can help streamline your processes and maximize your revenue!

Maximizing Revenue

DME billing can be very prosperous, and having the right DME billing partner can ensure maximized revenues.

Many practices that offer CPAP machines for example benefit from the sale and rental of the CPAP unit, as well as the supplies, but UFS can help ensure that all available supplies are ordered as soon as they can be re-billed… cushions and filters monthly, tubing every 3 months, straps and other supplies every 6 months.  It’s important to know how often you can bill for supplies!

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