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Maximize Your Revenue and Profitability

With reimbursements decreasing, it’s more important than ever for health care organizations to improve revenue cycle in order to achieve optimum financial results.

UFS experts have a proven strategy and process for achieving top revenue cycle performance, resulting in reducing lost revenue and increasing financial health and stability.

What are the benefits of using UFS for my billing?

  • Accurate billing of claims the first time!
    • UFS’s policies and procedures include internal audits on all billing processes, resulting in higher accuracy and faster payments.
  • Reduced AR
    • UFS’s team of efficient billers combined with our collection team ensures that your AR is under control.
  • Redundancy
    • Never worry about your billers leaving or getting sick.  UFS assigns multiple billers on each account, ensuring that your billing is managed regardless of employee schedules and life events.
  • Compliance
    • It’s only a matter of time before your facility is audited for compliance.
    • Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience  in SNF facilities and perform regular surveys to ensure compliance.
  • Complimentary Assessment
    • UFS performs a complimentary assessment of your current billing to ensure we can bring you savings.
    • This assessment reviews your AR, cash flow reports, appeals, salaries, etc. and determines your potential savings.
  • Reporting & Forecasting
    • UFS believes in full transparency when it comes to billing and finances.
    • UFS delivers thorough reporting including standard revenue reports, billing performance reports, and forecasting numbers, allowing you to stay better connected with your facilities

SNF / LTC Billing Services

A Few of our Services Include:

  • SNF & LTC Billing
  • Medicare & Medicaid/Medi-Cal Billing
  • AR Management and Recovery
  • Share of Cost Collections
  • Triple Check
  • Regular Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Compliance Surveys & Assessments
  • Operations Assessments
  • Billing Assessments
  • Consulting & Training
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