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Consumer Collections

Consumer 3rd party debt collection requires knowledge of specific laws, regulations and unique file-handling requirements.  UFS collectors assigned to handle this specific type of debt are trained and experienced.

As tenured professionals in this specific area of debt recovery they comply with the FDCPA and all other governing regulations, both State and Federal. UFS utilizes the following proven strategies to drive collections results:

  • Data Scrubbing and Scoring
  • Telephone Call Campaigns
  • Collection Letter Campaigns
  • Skiptracing
  • Credit Bureau Reporting

Referring debt to Universal Financial Systems is completely risk-free.  If we don’t collect, you don’t pay, allowing you to refer freely with no minimums or fees.

Collection Process

UFS utilizes the most advanced technologies and techniques for collecting on debts.

Clients begin by referring their debts by email, fax, or mail, sending debtor demographic information along with a ledger or statement outlining the balances due and dates of service.

UFS then scrubs the information and begins its letter, telephone, and credit reporting campaigns via automated dialers and 3rd party letter processing services.  All documentation is processed electronically on our secure and compliant systems

UFS works with debtors to resolve their debts, handle payment plans, and update credit bureau records accordingly.

Clients are notified with regular updates, payment details, and reporting.

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